Pricing Specialist

1. Negotiation on the freight rates with carriers/ feeders.
2. Develop relations and business with carriers/ feeders.
3. Try to explore new areas of business in terms of sectors and carriers.
4. Check on the flow of shipments (Booking to Loading and destination queries).
5. Assistance queries in shipment handling, co-ordination on loadings and freight queries.
6. Analysis on given targets and plan of action.
7. Proving quote for import and cross trade business.
8. Work on COC for sectors where we have no SOC service.
9. Work on cost to provide sharp rates with profit guidelines.
10. Push and support locations for volume business.
11. Maintain weekly report on enquiries generated vs business secured.
12. Support marketing team with prompt reply on enquiries.
13. Issuance of all special container’s bookings and manifest sending coordination.